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Husband and wife relationship

What Omanyala's Wife Told Him As He Turned 27-Year-Old

Africa's fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala's wife Amluv Lavesh has caught the attention of social media users following her message to the athlete as he turned 27 years old. Amluv Lavesh took to her social media pages where she dedicated a heartwarming message to her husband. In the social media post that touched many, Amluv praised her husband as being a loving partner.

Omanyala with his wife Amluv Lavesh. [Photo | Courtesy]

She compared the athlete to a refined god. According to Amluv, Ferdinand Omanyala was not just any other ordinary man. He was one who had undergone 26 years of refining to become the gold that he is today. She recounted how the sprinter never gave up despite facing tough challenges in his journey to stardom.

Omanyala with his wife Amluv Lavesh. [Photo | Courtesy]

Amluv revealed that there were moments when things seemed impossible for Omanyala but he kept on pushing and never gave in. She noted that she was proud of the man that he had become and cheered him on to continue on his path of success.

Omanyala with his wife Amluv Lavesh. [Photo | Courtesy]

"When gold is extracted it is just pure ore and has to go through refining to become gold. You have gone through 26 years of your life and they have been nothing but amazing. Through the struggles and the hard work you have kept on pushing even when it seemed impossible. Cheers to 27 years my golden boy. May it be nothing but golden in all ways. Shine through the year handsome," Amluv Lavesh wrote on her social media pages.

Kenyans on social media joined her in wishing the athlete a happy birthday. The netizens too praised the sprinter for being a hardworking athlete. They pointed out that his success on the track was a reflection of the immense work and investment he had put into his talent.

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