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The Nice Lifestyle appreciated in 2020 despite The Nice Lifestyle appreciated in 2020 despite This Pandemic

Many individuals have struggled to survive and balance their own lives to the next level from child to youth and youths to parents Covid-19 has struck most the nations throughout the whole world. Despite all that, life has become too sweet and lovely to some individuals who have adapted to the pandemic. Below are the things that have made life good;

1) Media and social media

Many have adhered to some Radio stations like Milele FM, Radio Jambo, Citizen, and some other popular Radio stations, this had made people plan their own fixed timetable whatever they had. Best programs such as Mbusii and Lion of Radio Jambo while others enjoy from others station of their preference.

2) Family Unity

Family members have enhanced strong bond between each other, for example, parents to their children which have to improve families perfect relationship with each other while parents knowing their siblings' real character and correcting their mistakes.

3) Weekend fixtures

The weekend has been good and the best for football devotees who have to stimulate their leisure after hustling on weekdays. It has been well despite the pandemic.EPL, La Liga, Serie A, And Bundesliga matches with Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal with most fans in Kenya. From the above-mentioned clubs, I wish you the best of the festive season.

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