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Top 5 Handsome WWE Superstars

There is no doubt that wwe has the most handsome male superstars in all of sports entertainment. This is particularly impressive for those of us who only watch wrestling for the looks and the muscles.

Here are the most handsome male superstars voted in by WWE fans across the globe;

1.Roman Reigns

There is no doubt that he takes the number one spot.This Canadian sports man has the best looks in the business.

Roman's official name is Leati Joseph Anoai born on May 25th 1985.He is Somoan from Canada.He is currently the universal champion.

His signature maneuver is superman punch and spear.

2.John Cena

His official name is John Felix Anthony Cena born April 23rd 1977.Many of us grew up watching him wrestle the likes of the big show and the hulk.

3.The Rock

When talking about looks Dwayne Johnson is a name you can't miss.This American Canadian athlete is one of the pioneer superstars.He is also known for his role action and comic movies.

4.Randy Orton

Randall Keith Orton is an American professional wrestler currently signed in wwe.He is famously known as the Viper and signature move is RKO.


Stephen Farrelly is an Irish wrestler famously known as Celtic warrior.He is just a sight to behold.

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