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Football Player Forced To Move Out of Rented Apartment For Turning House into Sodom and Gomorrah

A football player plying for one of the teams in the Kenya premier league has found himself in tough times with his neighbours over his unbecoming behaviours.The neighbours have ganged up and asked him to move out of his current rented house in Eastland's area with immediate effect.

The neighbours are accusing the player of turning the house in a brothel where half dressed girls frequent to entertain him and for house parties.The neighbours are accusing the player of being a party boy who often plays loud music to their dismay.

Another accusation from the neighbours is that the player has turned the house into a little 'Sodom and Gomorrah' where skimpily dressed ladies and men always frequent to engage in acts of the rod.

The neighbours are now tired of entertaining the debauchery of the player as they feel embarrassed when loud moans come from the players room when their teenage daughters and sons are present.

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