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Other non-popular sports that pay well

There are a lot of sporting activities across the world that are known to almost everybody,and various sports pull a big fan base whenever their favourite teams play. These well known sports are said to be a billion dollar industry and they are the economic base for some countries.

There are other well paying sports even though they are not very popular amongst many people. Below are the non-popular sporting activities you can engage in to create more wealth.


Polo is a horseback ball game played by two opposing teams using a long handled mallet for hitting the ball through the opposing team's goal. A polo player can earn $1.5 million a year which is good money.

Chess Boxing

This is a combination of chess and boxing. Two combatants play alternating rounds of chess and boxing until one wins by knockout or checkmate. The highest salary of a chess boxer is $70,000 per year.

Unicycle Hockey

Thisis hockey played while the players are mounted on top of unicycles.It is an indoor game played in indoor courts. It also pays well.

Three sided Football

This is a regular soccer match but instead of two teams, there are three teams chasing the ball. The field has three goals and the three teams have five players each. It pays slightly less than the regular football.

Toe Wrestling

This is a sport where the competitors lock their toes and try to pin each other's foot down. The winner is awarded a huge amount of money.

All sports are income oriented let's explore and have more fun playing different sports available.

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