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The Most Unusual Floating Football Stadium In Singapore (PHOTOS)

If you say you have seen enough, then I can assure you that you are deceiving yourself. You will never see enough as long as you are a live. In Singapore there is an amazing floating football stadium located in Marina Reservoir in Marina Bay. The amazing stadium is commonly known as Marina Bay Floating Platform is capable of accommodating about 30,000 people hence regarded as the word's largest floating stage and football stadium.

The stadium is strongly supported by steel made pontoons each connected to each other. What a strong stadium, in fact the stadium can bear up to 1,070 tonnes and its platform measures about 120 metres by 83 metres.

The main purpose of establishing this floating stadium was to temporarily replace Singapore National stadium which was demolished to be reconstructed to Singapore sports hub. Therefore the Marina Bay Floating Platform was being used to hold events before Singapore sports hub was ready.

However after completion of Singapore sports hub, Marina Bay Floating Platform had rose to popularity hence continued to hold events such as Singapore National Day Parade, concerts, sports, exhibitions and art performances. Below are amazing pictures of the Marina Bay Floating stadium.

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Marina Bay Floating Platform Marina Reservoir Singapore


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