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Premier League

European Football Club with Most Beautiful Bus.

English premier league is one of the most loved league compared to other leagues in the Europe. It's greater fans attribution is due to high competition and quality players. The higher the competition shown by small teams is what makes the league more attractive. English premier league has long history on how it came to existence but for today we are going to look on club buses.

Football Club buses are always iconic assets in any team. The buses are used to display the team logo and mission. It's easy to identify a team by their buses hence attracting more fans. Apart from ferrying players, club teams are also used as advertising icons. Here are some club buses in EPL, just have look on them. Football Club also generate revenue through the buses by signing advertising deal with any production company. Any company which wants to sale more of it's products may wish to brand the part of the bus with name of the product. A good example is Arsenal which signed advertising deal with fly Emirates flight company.

1. Chelsea

2. Manchester united.

3. Liverpool.

4. Tottenham Hotspur.

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