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The Day Lionel Messi Apologised For Scoring A Goal

Lionel Messi has netted over 630 goals in his whole career against more than 78 teams and passed 157 different goalkeepers.

But, Messi has only apologised for scoring one goal. Messi lives for scoring and there is no better feeling than celebrating for him. Why would he apologise for scoring a goal in the 2015 club World Cup final?

There may be only two known instances one can apologise for scoring a goal against his opponents. One is when playing against your former club - like an instance when Mohammed Salah apologised to his ex - club Roma after scoring for his club Liverpool.

But then, Messi has never been to any other club apart from Barcelona.

Another reason may be dooming the other team, you don't have too react too much after embarrassing your opponents with goals, its a sign of respect. But this was still not Messi's reason.

Well, the day Messi apologised for scoring a goal was in the 2015 club World Cup in Japan. Fc Barcelona were taking on Argentinian side River Plate, the match was unpredictable at the beginning until the 36th minute when Messi opened the scoring and walked before the River Plate fans asking them to forgive him.

"A lot of River Plate fans travelled and made a sacrifice for that trip. They had a very big illusion and I, an Argentinian, was responsible for taking it away from them. I felt weird, I felt like I needed to apologise." Messi revealed.

It makes a perfect sense to feel a brotherly love for your fellow countrymen. Messi will continue to be more than just a footballer showing humour where it is really not deserved.

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