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5 Mistakes That Arsenal FC Must Avoid if They Must win the EPL This season

Arsenal FC currently sits pretty at the helm of the EPL table, with a 5 point lead against their closest rivals Manchester City FC.

Mikel Arteta charges have really been extremely good this season, and the type of football that they have been displaying is definitely out of this world.

What the Gunners need to fathom is that, in the epic battle of the EPL trophy, narratives and perceptions are two potent weapon in this warfare.

Because in order to win your battles, you must first conquer your wars and win your fights.

I know I have lost you on that, but let me explain what I'm trying to convey in a layman's language.

Arsenal FC need to throw in the kitchen sink at their opponents, in the second phase of the post World cup EPL season.

They need to be extremely ruthless and unforgiving to both the EPL big wigs and the minnows in equal measures.

But the 5 things that Arsenal FC must completely avoid, if they are to be crowned EPL champions come May this year are.


Arsenal FC need all their available machinery and resources, to work in tandem like a perfect conveyor belt or a well oiled German machine towards the EPL triumph.

They need to avoid being complacent like last season, when things fell apart Chinua Achebe's style on the final lap of the EPL race.

Arsenal FC were completely in control of their own destiny towards a champions league football, before disaster stroke and they got toppled out of the top 4 mole hill by their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur FC.

You don't need a crystal ball, to predict that Arsenal FC are eventually going to be crowned the new EPL champions.

But Mikel Arteta's charges must not lose their focus, because the battle has not yet been won.

The wise says, it's not over until it's over, and in the race for EPL championship it's not wise to count your chicks before they are hitched.


Any battle in life is first won in the mind, before being manifested into the metaphysical realm.

Mental perception about issues in life, usually determines our receptions and conception of issues.

If Arsenal FC are to conquer their EPL demons this season, then they have to work on their mental stamina or mental stealth.

And this reminds me of a Turkish proverb that says, no matter how far you have gone on a bad road, you can always turn back and start a fresh.

This season, Arsenal have been extremely ruthless against the so called EPL big guns.

And they need to keep on keeping on doing what they have been doing so well, during the first phase of the EPL season despite the injury to their main striker Gabriel Jesus.

Yes! it is true that Gabriel Jesus has been the shinning star in the Emirates sky this season, but now the Gunners must quickly adopt to playing without their Brazilian talisman.

Because necessity will always make people find a solution to their predicament.

What the Gunners need to fathom is that, no Rose is without a thorn.

And opportunity only knocks once, and in order for them to emerge victorious, they need to take the bull by the horns.


What Mikel Arteta need to instill in his charges is that, slow and steady always wins the race.

And in this life, you can't make bricks without straws.

If Arsenal FC want to make EPL champions bricks, then they need to develop some steel mental straws.

Arsenal FC must develop a strong mental stronghold, that will be literally impregnable by their EPL opponents.

They must avoid being groggy and continue intoxicating their loyal fans with the tantalizing Tiki Taka football that they've been playing lately.

One thing Arsenal FC must understand is that, EPL is not a sprint but rather it's a marathon.


From now henceforth the team should look at their EPL cup as half full and not a half empty.

They need to start looking at life from the optimist angle and not pessimist angle.

Captivity of negativity can affect anyone, and that's why Arsenal FC need not to be the only stranger in Jerusalem.

There will be a myriad of brain bunters that Arsenal FC must overcome, if they are to be crowned EPL champions by the end of the season.


The environment you are in, plays a pivotal role in either the success or failure of what you are doing.

Arsenal FC need a conducive environment to boost their pursuit of their EPL trophy, and the board, the coaching staffs and the entire Emirates fraternity need to work in unison to make the dream a reality.

As you know unity is strength and division is dilution.

What Arsenal FC need to know is that, their enemies both internal and external will try to pollute the atmosphere in order to confuse and dislodge them from the EPL summit.

The ball is now in Arteta's court, oops sorry! I mean in Arteta's feet's to shoot and win the EPL champions after waiting for almost a decade.

Will Arsenal FC rise to the occasion or will they fall short as usual?

That is the question everyone is currently asking, but our prayers are on Arsenal and his charges to lift this seasons EPL trophy.

Content created and supplied by: Mikibon (via Opera News )

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