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Why Manchester United Still Needs Pogba

Pogba is not alone at Utd. The problem is obvious too many players with over inflated egos who care more about themselves than the club that pays their wages. They think they are too good to be playing for this once great club. Wrong Ronaldo is possibly the exception but it is a team game and there is only one of him. Lose the egos, learn to respect the club that pays them and start to earn the appreciation of the fans at Utd.

As a Liverpool fan we wish to see Utd doing better. We want to be beating good teams playing at their best. Utd currently are neither. This is a shame and needs fixing.

Pogba doesn't need to talk a lot. The football should do the talking which he has failed to deliver. Next step is to leave and join the farmer's league where he can shine. Why boo him instead of maguire. You guys don't just know how important that pogba is to united team.

You'll just hate him cause he's saying the truth bout united.That is true , it is not fair to target individual players , we threw away 2 goal lead just like that , as the midfield did not existed , our defence were fully exposed until matic arrived. We will get humiliated if we play same formation against Liverpool .

Pogba you don’t need to play for this plastic fans. Why would any player ever want to come and play for a club where fans feel entitled and turn on players. Look at the way they mistreated Rooney, Falcao, DeMaria, Lucako amongst others. Players try the best but maybe for whatever reason they don’t fit in the team they play in. Pogba go win at another club where you will be appreciated.

Does this clown really think he's justified his wages this year? I've really run out of putting things up about him. Please ten Hag come in do your thing, I don't care if we don't do anything for 3 years as long as you given the time to get things right do it. Liverpool and City are so far infront no one will stop them dominating the next few years but as a united fan for 55 years I hope that we can upset them a few times.

Pogba should rest. He should have known better than to be shitting on the club Everytime he goes to play for France. He hasn't proven himself yet he stays disparaging the club that employs and plays him and he expects the fans to be happy about it.

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