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8 football stars who almost lost their lives

Christiano Ronadlo only just cheated death following a terible car accident. He is one of the 8 footballers who almost met the grave ripper

1 Christiano Ronadlo

Ronadlo was on his way to training when his ferarri hit a roadside barrier. His car was destroyed but by some kind of a miracle CR7 walked away unharmed. It was amazing that he got away Without a scratch

2 Virgil Van Djik

His mother saved his life in 2012.Virgil had a minor illnes that turned into a serious problem. It was so severe that he wrote a will and he underwent a life saving surgery. Luckly he recovered and became one of the best defenders in the world 3 Neymar

We all know Neymar as the king of dribbling but we could have knonw Neymar at all. He almost died in a car accident as a child. He was 4 months old when his family car was hitted during a rain storm 4 Kaka

When Kaka was a youth he was not the most sepectacular footballer but when an incident in a pool changed his perspective, Kaka was 18 years old when he suffered a spiral fracturer when he was swimming in a swimming pool. When he didn't die he committed himself to football 5 Peter Crouch

He almost met his maker in Italy. When he took his wife out in a boat. The weather started to get stormy, Luckly he got away safe 6 Thiago Silva

When he was 20 years old he nearly died by tuberculosis in a Moscow hospital.. He spent 6 months alone in a room thinking he wont be able to play football again

7 Fernado Torres

8 Petr Cech

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