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World's Greatest Military Discoveries


In the modern day society it is all about technology. New inventions are being made on the technology. New android devices are being discovered day by day. Other discoveries have been made on roads and vehicles. 

Other engineers have advanced on the transport sector while others are into aircraft . For example in Germany a tourist amphibian bus was discovered and it had ability to move on both dry and land in water. The famous Hafen City bus enabled tourists to explore on both the waters and in the dry Land.

This was a great advancement in technology. Germany is also well known for the manufacture of German machines. Amphibious vehicle is a vehicle which has an ability of transport on land as well as on water and underwater.

Amphibious vehicles may include bicycles, cars, buses, combat vehicles, boats and hovercraft.

Amphibious vehicles are also very recommended for military personnel to as to effectively deal with enemies and criminals.

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