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Five Players Who Escaped Poverty Thanks To Football

Some of the famous football brightest stars overcame financial poverty to shine. Born with nothing, they bailed themselves out through the love of the game.

Here are five players who will never forget the odds they beat to get where they are.

Sadio Mane

Mane is arguably one of the most lethal wingers in the world. Liverpool has won quite many titles with him and also featured among the 2018/19 season top scorers.

But Mane's path to the top of the game was against the odds. Mane grew up in Sedhiu, a village in Senegal. The star recalls how he grappled with poverty to the extent of loosing his father due to lack of hospitals in the village. He surely worked to make a change, today Mane has been instrumental in charities and construction of facilities in his village, he has built schools and hospitals that never existed. Thanks to football.

Frank Ribery

One of the greatest players in the recent French history comes from a poor community in the Northern France. Deep scars run over his face, vividly describing the kind of life he lived.

That didn't stop him from being one of the best footballers in the world. The former Bayern Munich player has a totally different story today, talent surely pays.

Christiano Ronaldo

Living in Portugal with his poor parents, Ronaldo never had it easy growing. His father was a stark alcoholic who provided less for the family.

Nevertheless, Ronaldo suffered a heart problem which demanded a lot of money, all in all he sailed through these waves. Today, Ronaldo is among the highest paid footballers in the world with unmatched net worth.

Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez had electrified Barcelona and Arsenal fans with his incredible skills and speed, currently at Inter Milan, the former United's player journey to success has never been easy.

Sanchez says he almost ended up in the streets of his hometown in Chile. He had to clean cars for survival, he couldn't even afford football boots. Today, he is giving back. He built two football pitches in Chile and has been very vocal in charity for poor kids.

Angel Di Maria

Di Maria is currently sailing through with the Ligue 1 side PSG and has cycled through some of the biggest clubs in Europe. But life before professional football, was not easy for Di Maria.

Angel and his family lived in a small town in Argentina where his parents worked at a coal yard to make ends meet. Di Maria finally got his parents out of this business when he signed for Benfica. 

This simply explains that our troubles are not permanent, keep pushing- doors will surely open one day.

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