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Why ex Barcelona and Juventus Superstar Edgar Davids Wore Glasses While on The Pitch

Wearing standard glasses to play soccer is not recommendable at all as you run the risk to have a serious injury and your glasses run a big danger to fall and brake while playing. It may be uncomfortable for other players and it is prohibited in official matches to use them.

But have you ever come across a footballer who wear glasses during soccer matches?

Well, the most famous footballer famous for this is none other than ex Barcelona and Juventus superstar Edgar Davids

In his prime, Edgar Davids was a highly gifted player with a fiery temper and excellent technical skills. The Dutchman won’t be remembered for his ability but more so for the futuristic goggles, he wore while on the pitch.

H was even ranked in as one of the most stylish players in the football history as he managed to turn his weakness into fashion. 

A Champions League winner in 1995, Davids was a seriously talented football player. He was constantly evolving, but one thing almost derailed his career.

In 1999 Edgar Davids had to finally admit the obvious, he would need to take a break from football for an eye operation.

But have you ever wondered why the former Dutch international was always wearing glasses during the games?

Davids began wearing protective glasses following surgery in his right eye caused by glaucoma, which developed in 1995 following eye injuries. Davids first wore them in a friendly match against Belgium as he played for his home country, Netherlands. 

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