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Some of the Foods that Improve Men's Fertility


This are very healthy foods that are mostly made up of water. The Watermelons contain a very crucial mineral called zinc, zinc is scientifically proven to increase the sperm quality of a man. Watermelons has some other beneficial substances to men, such as the arginine and lycopene. Arginine and lycopene are very essential to men's fertility.


These are other important fruits in the health of a man. The Bananas contain very essential vitamins such as vitamin c which help in improving the quality of the sperm count in men. Bananas also contain a very crucial enzyme know as Bromelain which also improves the quality of the sperm count. Bananas also improve the testosterone production in the body of a man.

Pumpkin seeds

Most of us know what pumpkins are and we know how their seeds look. These seeds are very crucial in improving men's fertility. These seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which are proven to be very effective in improving blood circulation in the body. For those men who have less semen, then pumpkin seeds would help them have very high volume of semen. Like Bananas pumpkin seeds also help in testosterone production in the body of a man. The increase of testosterone in the body will improve men's fertility.


Garlic is essential for men's fertility, also improves the production of testosterone which improves men's fertility. They contain zinc that also improve the production of testosterone. Zinc in the garlic can increase sperm count in a man.

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Bananas Bromelain lycopene


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