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How Safe Is The Safari Rally

With no questions asked, we sure have all heard of the Safari Rally. We enjoy each part of the race, but rarely does it cross our minds of how safe they are.

Safety aside, the thrill and fun they bring about is one to look forward to. The speed, the skidding in mad or sand, the engine noises and so much more of it brings on an adrenaline rush of excitement. At some point we actually stop, to imagine what the driver and co-driver are actually experiencing.

All the fun is topped up when around friends, family and all the guesses of who is expected to win (in most cases identified by the car number). The there after coffee, a few beers involved, and the catching up brings on an entire days' stories.

The Safari Rally is a rally race held in Kenya. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular African rallies and was set to make a return to the World Rally Championship (WRC). With names such as Shekha Mehta and Lofty Drew's, Ian Duncan and David Williamson, Carl Tundo and Tim Jessop, they are sure to ring a bell in our minds whenever Safari Rally is mentioned.

There is news of 2021 Safari Rally which has not been there for a while. I can assure us that it has also not been in most of our minds for a while now. We are all looking forward to the championships. Fortunately or unfortunately some of these races come up during the rainy season so make sure to tuck a jacket up somewhere.

There is also that point where the events impact to our economy especially in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Let's not forget to greatly appreciate that.

These are the type of events we should appreciate and embrace. May the best person win.

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