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3 Issues Man United’s New Coach Should Change When They Eventually Sign One

Despite the fact that Micheal Carrick was victorious in his first game as temporary manager, it is quite likely that the club will retain the services of another experienced manager. If this occurs, he would be wise to investigate the following three issues that the club has been dealing with for a long time but has not addressed.

1. Manchester United's tempo.

Manchester United is sluggish when they have the ball, and they are much slower when they don't have the ball. Since a result, the team has one of the lowest distances covered per game in the Premier League, as while they are in possession, the only real movement you see is one or two attackers attempting to rush in behind the defense when they are not in possession.

Most players in possession of the ball are persuaded to send a long pass, which is almost always intercepted before it reaches its intended recipient. The solution is not to stop the long passes, but to ensure that the full backs and other midfielders move well as well, in order to provide the man with the ball with more passing choices.

2. Manchester United's tackles.

Manchester United is now dead last in the Premier League when it comes to completed tackles this season, and there is a solid explanation for this. First and foremost, the McTominay and Fred partnership appears to have a lot of tackling quality in the midfield, which is correct; however, aside from them and Bissaka, no one else on the team jumps into challenges.

Tackles are required in order to take the ball away from your opponent and put it in your possession, something that Manchester United is unable to do because the players rarely press effectively, let alone take on another player. Hopefully, this is one of the things that will be changed going forward.

3. Shots from outside the box.

Manchester United was blazing on all cylinders last season, both inside and outside of the penalty box. This season, on the other hand, is completely different. The team has scored only two goals from outside the box this season, which is one of the lowest totals in the league, and it appears that they are losing their confidence as the season progresses.

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