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Lewis Hamilton to make another formula one comeback agaimst Vettel

The world champion in question, Lewis Hamilton, expects his longtime rival Sebastian Vettel to make another Formula One comeback.

Four-time world champion Fernando Alonso will be retiring from Formula One after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, on Sunday. However, Hamilton believes that 53-time race winner Alonso will find going away from racing difficult and as a result come back for more.

"I'm still here, it's going to be my last race of the season but I will be back," said Hamilton during a news conference with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

Formula One always has a way of sucking you back in. Maybe it’s because so many other drivers are so...

"He's come back, you're probably going to come back," he told the German, referring to 41-year-old Alonso who made his F1 return last year and is moving from Alpine to Aston as Vettel's replacement next season.

Vettel, who left Ferrari for Aston Martin in 2020, said he first started considering retirement when he was a father of one and that it had been growing. Even though he resisted the idea at first, once his kids were old enough to grow up in the new environment, they encouraged him to do so with their support.

"To try to understand (it), it grows inside you and like I said, it was a bit confusing because I never had that before, the desire to maybe stay at home, not go on the plane, not looking forward to travel," he said. "Obviously after the change from Ferrari to Aston Martin at that time it was the first time I really thought it might be the time to stop...," he added.

Formula One is a sport filled with history, and has seen some high-profile comebacks in the past.

Just like many children, Sebastian Vettel had a big hero in the world of racing: Michael Schumacher. And, just like many of those kids, he found that when his hero called it quits (retiring after three years and returning to F1) at 41-years-old, he was too old to follow in his footsteps.

Make sure your comeback never fails. That's why Austrian great Niki Lauda made a comeback in the 1980s, clinching his third title in 1984.Alonso also returned last year—and now Haas has welcomed back 35-year-old Nico Hulkenberg for his full-time comeback next season, replacing Michael Schumacher's son Mick at the U.S.-owned team.

Many fans are rooting for Vettel to nail his comeback just like Schumacher did. With Audi entering F1 in 2026, it may be possible that Vettel could make a return if he wants. He should consider the possibility sooner rather than later.

A couple of weeks ago at Hockenheim, Vettel joked about proposing a trade with Hamilton for the title.

"We can make a deal," he said. "But maybe we should wait until you want to go away, then I'll come back."

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