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Amount of money that Arabian side will pay Aboubakar for terminating his contract is huge

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Al Nasri FC had no otherwise but to terminate the contract of Cameroon striker Vincent Aboubakar in order to register their new significant signing Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the reports,their foreign number of players had exceeded the required number and did not have otherwise but to terminate the contract of one foreign player,unfortunately, the axe fell on Vincent Aboubakar.

Contract termination comes with it's own rewards to the player as well.Despite,rendering Aboubakar clubless, the Cameroonian is said to have received his salary compensation from the Arabian side.Aboubakar was taking home £7 million per season.He had a contract with the side for three years.Aboubakar was in his second stint with the Saudi Arabian side. That means he was to pocket £21 million in three years.The amount includes all taxes and other expenses involved.

It is now clear that Al Nasri have paid Aboubakar over £7 million plus an additional amount of money for the damages involved. When we convert the amount into Kenyan shillings, 7,000,000x118=826,000,000 shillings. In three years,Aboubakar has taken 826,000,000x3=2.5B Kenyan shillings. The amount is huge considering the fact that Aboubakar had already featured in France, Portugal and Turkey before moving to Saudi Arabia. If he secures another deal,the Cameroonian striker could be one of the richest football stars in Africa. We wish him all the best ahead. For more news updates tap on the follow link on the top right corner if you haven't done so to receive more news.

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