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Top 10 highest paid Sports world wide: Basketball Tops

Here is the list of top ten highest paid Sports world wide

10 Wrestling

Wrestling is very popular in USA,Canada and Asia.It is the Tenth highest paid Sports in the world.American_ Canadian Professional wrestler Brock Lesnar is the highest paid Wrestler with a networth of approximately 25 million dollars

9.Auto Racing

This is the ninth highest paid Sport in the world.The highest paid auto racing driver earns is approximately 18 million dollars a year


It is the eighth highest paid Sport in the world.The highest paid baseball player made 38 million dollars a year

7.Ice Hockey

This is the seventh highest paid sport in the world.Highest paid ice hockey earns 99 million dollars a year


This is one of most popular sport with million of fans all over the world.The highest paid Tennis player makes approximately 106 million dollars a year


This is the fifth highest paid sport in the world.The highest paid Soccer player earns approximately 127 million dollars a year.Cristiano Ronaldo the Portuguese international is the world richest soccer player with a networth of more than one billion


This is the fourth highest paid Sport in the world.The highest paid golfer has made 147 million dollars a year

3.American football American football is one of most watched sports in the world.It has millions of fans in USA and also most popular sport.National football league composed of 32 teams is the most popular American football in the world.American football is the third highest paid sport in the world and played at all level in high school, college and professionals.Roger Staubach a former American football is the highest American football player who used to earn 253 million dollars a year


Boxing is very popular in USA, Europe ,Asia and Africa.Boxing players make huge amount of money through endorsement deals, betting and pay per view commissions.The highest paid boxing player earned 333 million dollars per match


Basketball is ranked in the first position among highest paid sports in the world.National Basketball Association(NBA) composed of 30 teams is the most popular and highest paying basketball league in the world.The highest paid former NBA player used to earn 343 million dollars a year

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