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Usain Bolt wonderful family. Two boys and one girl(photos)

Usain bolt welcomed his two new born twins to the world on father's day. Bolt announced the news of the birth of his twin sons Thunder and Saint Leo. He did not reveal the date of their bath however. His older daughter is called Olympia Lightning. She was born last year.

Bolt with his wife, Kasi Bennett, older daughter, Olympia Lightning and new born twins

Bolt with his wife Kasi Bennett,

The 34 year old is now a father of 3. The 11 time World Champion will not participate in next year's Olympics.

He retired from active sports in 2017. He tried out football career with Manchester United but not professional. Bolt is however still the fastest man alive having clocked a top speed of 44.72 km/hour. He achieved this terrific speed after running 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. His average speed for that race was 37.58 km/hour.

Bolt who showed his dominance said he is excited to be on the stands and experience Olympics like a true fan. "I'm definitely excited to be in the stands," he said. "I've never got an opportunity to really watch Olympic Games, to either go [watch] swimming, the soccer or just to see all the events. So I'm excited to actually get the chance to really experience Olympics like a true fan." Bolt won three of his eight gold medals consecutively will watch the Olympics alongside his beautiful family.

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