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Facts About Gareth Bale You Probably Did Not Know About

Gareth Bale is one of the most fascinating football players in the world right now. There are so many things about him that you probably know and love in him. Here are a few of which you probably never knew about.

In 2015, he has officially declared the fastest player in the world. He ran the 100 meters dash in 11.4 seconds while he was 14. In 2015, Mexican club Pachuca was blown away by the speed of their player Jurgen, so they contacted FIFA to conduct a study and analyze the speed of every football player in the world. According to the study, Gareth Bale reached a top speed of 22.9 mph with the ball at his feet. That made him the fastest player in the world at the time. However, recently players like Kylian Mbappe, Leroy Sane, Adama Traore, and Aubemayang are giving him some competition. 

Most people consider Gareth Bale the best Wales player claiming that he is even better than Ryan Giggs. He has more goals, assists, and caps than Ryan ever got with Wales. Bale made his debut for Wales in 2006 when he was just 16 years old. That made him the youngest player ever to appear for Wales at the time. He could however decide to play for England. His grandmother was from England but he decided it was better to represent his country. 

He used to like Arsenal a lot before he moved to Tottenham. He said that he really admired Thierry Henry, and Patrick Vierra claiming that they were incredible. He also loved watching Ryan Giggs. 

Most football players have a pre-game ritual. Bale has some more orthodox rituals. Peter Crouch said that he watched Bale ripping falcon to shreds with high-intensity running. He also cuts holes on his socks to avoid compression on his cup muscles. He also stopped going to games on his Lamborghini because he felt that the leather seats put pressure on his legs. 

When he first moved from Southampton to Tottenham, Tottenham fans felt as though he was cursed. It took him 25 games with Tottenham for him to record a victory. This spell lasted for two years with three different managers. It was broken against a match with Burnley in 2009. Spurs were winning 4-0 before they brought in Bale in the 84th minute as a substitute. The game ended 5-0. 

He first started the heart-hands celebration as a tribute to his then-girlfriend Jones. Since then, he and Emma got married and had three children together and he continued using the celebration in their honor. In 2013, he trademarked the celebration and his squad number 11 and it is now known as 11 of Hearts. It earns him around three million pounds per year. Since moving from Real Madrid to Tottenham, he has not used the celebration much. He has a new celebration which is known as the Welsh Mafia and is a way to bond with his Wales teammate Ben Davis. It also pays tribute to the foundation Make a Wish Foundation. 

Gareth Bale might be the most underrated Real Madrid player. In 2016, he surpassed Gary Linker to become the highest-scoring British player in Laliga history despite appearing in just 63.5% of matches. Only two players scored more goals than him during his stay in Bernabeu, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Karim Benzema. He won more champions league titles than Raul. He has more trophies than Zidane. He has more assists than Beckham. He won 16 major trophies with Real Madrid including four champions league titles. 

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