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Tips To Prevent Heavy Period Flows During Menstruation

Every female who is already at puberty and below menopause always expects to menstruate every month for regular periods although there are those who have irregular periods and can have early menstruation or late menstruation.

During menstruation, the bleeding is supposed to be realistic in that the flow should not be heavy. However, some have heavy menstruation flow that could burden them with frequent change of sanitary pads and this also could be expensive because they required extra pads during the entire period. Heavy periods can also cause anaemia because one tends to loose a lot of blood during menstruation period.

This article talks about various foodstuffs that causes heavy periods and every female who is still at the age of menstruating must not take or take in limited quantities:

1. Chocolates are good for any lady who is having cramps and is mood less as the effects of after menstruation. However, it should be known that much intake of chocolates during menstruation can cause a lot of bleeding and should be regulated.

2. Honey is always good in everyone's diet but can be hazardous to the females who are in their periods. This is because honey can increase the internal body heat that will make period flows to become heavy. Therefore, during menstruation all females must avoid honey.

3. Digestion of saturated fats in dairy products is not always easy and fast. Therefore, these fats cause inflammation in your body and worsen your periods. They can also increase the cramps. For all females who are menstruating, it is advisable that they cut off the intake of these foodstuffs.

4. Always know that coffee contains caffeine that is capable of stimulating oestrogen hormones that will make your periods worse.

5. Eating beetroots or drinking its juice is so healthy because it contains a lot of vitamins that include iron, zinc and potassium. But always remember that it is not good during menstruation because it increases the blood flow. Therefore, during menstruation avoid the intake of beetroots.

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