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The Day Lightning Struck On The Pitch Killing One Team Leaving Other 11 Rival Players Untouched

At times unbelievable incidents happens in football that many would not expect to happen. There have been alot of cases of strangers raiding the field while the match is still on. Other occasions have seen animals like dogs raid the field, interrupting tjr match with no one's consent.

However, a repeal of an occasion in 1998 that happened in Drc congo is a major concern to the football industry up-to-date. While the match was still 1-1 scoreline, lighting stroke the field leaving 11 players dead. The match constituted of Bena Tshedi vs Basangamo both teams from the Drc congo. All the 11 players of Bena Tshedi were killed by the lighting leaving the Basangamo players safe.

This has upto date created alot of confusion. Was it a natural lighting or an artificial Lightning that was set to destroy all the Bena Tshedi players.

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