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Manny Pacquiao Retires from Boxing to Pursue Presidency

42-year-old Manny Pacquiao Pacman has officially announced his retirement from boxing in an emotional press release video. Wondering what he’s about to get himself? Presidency! Ever since he went back to the Philippines after suffering a loss at the hands of the younger 35-year-old Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugas, he has been conducting rallies and campaigns ahead of the next Philippines presidential election. Most people in the boxing world believe that it's well deserved after years of toil and sacrifice for Pacquiao who has been nothing short of an incredible humanitarian, family man and Christian. Quite a number of celebrities have since reflected on his boxing career and wished him nothing but success in his future endeavours. Pacquiao has expressed his passion for the sport of boxing saying that it changed his life for the better. He said that without boxing he would have no ambition or aspirations in life. Celebrities such as Oscar De La Hoya, Shannon and Skip from PBC and many others have taken to social media to pay tribute to the pound for pound master boxer.

Quoting Manny, he said, “I deeply appreciate the opportunity the sport of boxing has given me for I have been able to represent the Philippines to the world. I have also managed to inspire millions of poor people across the globe to never give up hope. It is difficult for me to accept that my time as a boxer is over. Today the 29th, I’m retiring. The sport has changed my family's life. We were desperate and had no hope in life. I am so glad I have inspired the world to fight poverty and given people the courage to change the course of their lives. I am proud of everything that I have accomplished in my life. Goodbye boxing."

Oscar De la Hoya, a former professional 48-year-old Mexican boxer while being interviewed at Triller Fight Club, said, “I could see Manny’s punches coming at me as we fought back in the day, but there’s not much I could do against him. When he’s on his toes, he comes from different angles and throws three four-punch combinations that find their target. Many just had such great conditioning. Good luck to him.”

"Historically, many Pacquiao is one of the greatest fighters of all time. He is also the only fighter in history to fight in 8 divisions. He started at a mere 106lbs to 154lbs and won 8 world titles in all those divisions. He ducked no one. He faced the likes of Shawn Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya, Mark Antonio, Tim Bradley, Ricky Hatton, and Floyd Mayweather, name them. All big names in his weight classes had an encounter or two with him. He truly was an all-time great!” Shannon said in the PBC newsroom,

Skip, a PBC sports reporter also said that Manny Pacquiao grew up street-poor, scratching and clawing for his next meal. He fought to stay alive. Skip added that Manny wasn't proud of the bad things he had done in his life, so he had a spiritual conversion that made him the good man he is today, helping thousands and inspiring millions. Skip also wished him a successful result in his presidential candidacy. He closed by saying, "Congratulations to you Manny Pacquiao for an illustrious career!”

It is evident through the beautiful deeds of Manny outside the ring, that he truly deserves to lead his countrymen to prosperity, given he has lived in poverty before and knows what it takes to fight it. All we can say is, good luck, and God bless you, Manny Pacquiao.

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