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Mysterious Attractions in Ukambani Region, You Have to Know

Ukambani Region is blessed region with full of attractions. These attractions are like shrubs and others that makes the region to have the great Savannah appearance. There are also mysterious natural attractions where the nature has defied science not forget the various varieties of wildlife .

These mysterious attractions are:

1. Kyamwilu Magic Corner.

It is a mysterious natural found in Machakos County and is located along the Machakos - Mutituni road. The locals at the were obliged to call this place "The magic corner". It is a magic corner where nature defies gravity. Many people visit this suitable destination to watch water flow upwards the steep hill instead of downwards, defying the laws of classical physics.

2. Mbui Nzau Hills.

The Mbui Nzau Hills ( White Goat Hills) are found in Makueni County just few kilometers from the Kibwezi junction along Mombasa - Nairobi Highway. These hills were customarily famous before the arrival of the missionaries in the area. The local folk tale of a white goat that used to appear in the on top of hills very early in the morning just after sunrise. The local term the hills as holy place where they used to offer their sacrifices.

3. Nzambani Rock.

It is found in Kitui County near the Kitui town and it rises more than 90 feet high with a top surface area of close to a arce . The nocturnal noises reported to emanate from the rock and eerier activities are some of the bizarre stories behind the rock. Locals in the area have to version, one claims that rock continues to grow even to date.The most interesting version is that when you manage go round the rock seven times , during the seventh round you will automatically change your gender.

4. Komarock Shrine.

Komarock Shrine is a marvellous piece of art, nature’s gift to the locals.In the the Kamba the shrine was term as a sacred shrine and home to powerful forces that stopped Government engineers from constructing a road.Kamba elders used to journey from all over Ukambani region to the rock to offer sacrifices to their gods at a designated shrine known locally as "Ithembo". This was a holy place where they would pray for rain and protection from plagues.

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