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3 Worst Statues of Famous Footballers

Great people are honored by a statue to commemorate memories of their good deeds. We have such statues all over the world and whenever we come across one, we are reminded of their sacrifices, love, and the positive impact they brought into the society or the community they lived in. This does not exclude footballers who are great on the field and also in their philanthropic works.

However, not all statues are attractive to look at. Sometimes the artists creating them do shoddy work and deliver an underwhelming piece of art.

In this article, we shall look at the 3 worst statues of great and famous footballers that are underwhelming.

Christiano Ronaldo.

This was first unveiled at Madeira airport back in 2017. I know what you are thinking, it doesn't look anything like him, right? Even the supposed person couldn't recognize himself.

As funny as this looks it was a serious matter that stirred a rumble in the football world. For example, BBC Sport's Dan Walker said there might have been confusion over the subject of the sculpture.

Netizens were also not left behind as they took to Twitter to share their disappointments.

The good thing is that the artist was offered a second chance to deliver quality work and this time around it was presentable.

Michael Essien.

Can we just spare a moment for laughter? This was spotted in Essien's motherland, Ghana in 2018, after which it went viral. Seriously, it looks nothing close to Essien who was such a great player in Chelsea. This statue looks as if it's for a dancer and not of a footballer because it appears to be dancing. The hands look like that of an alien, I mean, this statue is very creepy. It's more disappointing that the artist chose to remain anonymous.

Mo Salah

This is pure comedy. How is this supposed to be Mo Salah? Everything about this statue is very comical. Why is its head bigger than the body? Wait, do Salah have webbed fingers? His adam's apple looks like it's about to pop out of his throat. We can all agree that this artist never did justice to Mo Salah.

We don't despise the good work that artists do. If not anything, they are encouraged to take on challenging tasks. However, we can only advise them to bring their best game when doing pieces for great men and women.

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