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Reasons why players and coaches cover their mouth when communicating on the field.

Have you ever observed that covering one's mouth when speaking has become a frequent occurrence in the world of football recently ? If you have been keen, this is now happening in every match that is being played .

Considering the world cups played in the 1990's, such acts has never been observed in football . However , it has recently become a global pandemic in football matches . Nearly everyone is covering their mouth as they talk to each other .

One may ask themselves , what are they talking about ? What is the deal with the coaches and players covering their mouths ? In most scenarios , players and coaches cover their mouth to prevent unwanted media attention and to avoid exposing team tactics given .

Again its done to avoid the cameras reading ones lips . It means players cover their mouth so that their words cannot be deduced from the footage's lip reading . When communicating with officials or walking off the field , players even cover their mouths . Speaking to referees, this may be an easy way for football players to get a listening ear from the referee while also keeping their perspective on the action hidden .

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