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Spotify Owner Daniel Ek Submits New Takeover Bid Worth £2B

Hello guys, welcome to my Opera News Hub page yet again today as I take you through Arsenal news and transfer rumours which include Arsenal take over. I hope you are having a great time going through my page today, thank you for your time.

Rumors are circulating that Daniel Ek submitted a new takeover bid of £2 billion, increasing his initial bid by £200m. Word has it that the bid has already been rejected. Negotiating a purchase as big as Arsenal is a process, but £200m is chump change to Stan Kroenke.

If these rumors are true, one thing is extremely apparent: Daniel Ek doesn’t have enough money of his own to turn Kroenke’s head. Outside investment would be needed, which is possible considering how connected Daniel Ek and Spotify are in the business world. Still, Kroenke doesn’t look anywhere close to leaving.

Let’s assume that we’ll be moving under the stingy American’s tight grip this summer.The thing is unfortunately Ek does not have on his own the amount needed to convince Kroenke. Realistically speaking the mafia/owners makes a valid amount of money by keeping Arsenal in the current standards : a self-sustainable club with no ambition or investments.

Why would he let go of that for a "short" amount? I still think our best chance to move out Kroenke would be with a massive billionaire like Dangote.

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