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Football Clubs With Highest Record Of Penalties

A penalty normally occurs in two scenarios, that is one, when someone breaks the rules while in their box or when in the finals or nock outs, more soo to determine the winner. For this reasons clubs in the world especially those which participates int the UEFA champions league have most times had penalties. This article bring the list of 10 clubs with the highest number of penalties in a single season.

1. Barcelona

The Spanish club which participates in the La Liga has the highest number of penalty kicks record. This record was for the UEFA season of 2020/2021. They played 8 games and had 7 penalties. They also hold a record of most penalties in the season 2011/2012 after playing 12 matches and kicked 6 penalties.

2. Chelsea

The English Premier League club hold the record of second club with most penalty kicks for the year 2020/2021. They played 13 matches and kicked 6 penalties. Chelsea also hold the 2014/2015 record by kicking 5 penalties after playing 8 matches.

3. Salzburg

This season they hold the record of club with the most penalty kicks. After playing just two games they have kicked 5 penalties.

4. CSKA Moscow

They hold the 2015/2016 record. After playing 6 games they kicked 5 penalties.

5. Real Madrid

Madrid holds the 2006/2007 record of club with most penalties. They played 8 games and kicked 5 penalties.

6. Atalanta

Atalanta hold the 2019/2020 record. They played 9 games and kicked 5 penalties.

7. FC. Porto

Porto holds 2018/2019 record. They played 10 matches and were awarded 5 penalty kicks.

8. Bayern Munich

The Bundesliga champions holds the 2016 / 2017 record. They played 10 games and we're able to kick 5 penalties.

Other clubs include Manchester United, Sporting Dortmund, Lille, Tottenham, Liverpool. In terms of Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool holds most records.

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