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Where Did Ferdinand Omanyala Make a Mistake Until Sponsors Started Rejecting Him? (Opinion)

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Ferdinand Omanyala has experienced some drift of ups and downs in his career since he started breaking records. His hardwork has earned him a household name both locally and internationally after being crowned the fastest man in Africa.

However, his career is now facing some misunderstanding after some sponsors and management decided not to associate themselves with Omanyala's career. Kenyans are totally surprised by how alarming he is loosing sponsors prior to his thriving career. He is talented and he has shown the world that he is capable of doing mighty things.

According to some people, they believe that Ferdinand is showing and boosting about himself too much. He is over concerned about his family and that could place his career at jeopardy. Other claim that Omanyala is attending so many interviews in which he does not appreciate or recognize his sponsors at all. Thi might be the reason he is loosing them because he abandoned them after being famous.

Alternatively, another group of people claim that the fall of Omanyala started the moment he signed a contract with Odibets Kenya. This might be the biggest reason why sponsors are leaving him. According to them, they believe that when you are an athlete, you can not go behind your sponsers back and advertise a gambling firm. That was unwise of him and people are requesting him to cancel the deal with Odibets for sponsers to come back.

What do you think about Omanyala's desicion to sign a deal with betting firm and will it affect his career? Share what you think about the story and any advice you can give to him.

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