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3 Types Of Shoes for Your Man

Every Woman's desire is to walk beside attractive and a good looking man. But a man might appear un attractive becouse he may lack knowledge on how to dress and slay. The type of shoes a man wears plays a very big role on how he looks. The following are types of shoes every man should posses.

1. Loafers

Loafers are Scandinavian in origin, having been inspired by the straps of leather worn by fishermen while they worked. Today, the humble men’s loafer has become one of the most fashionable shoes on the streets of London and Paris. Comfortable enough to be worn without socks, loafers are the epitome of smart-casual. They’re great summer wear, and also present a good opportunity to get a bit of a change in your colour palette. Burgundy can work really well on a loafer and can really brighten up an outfit, but they also look great in the classic black and tan. Take a look at the classic penny loafer as your starting point.

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are cool; it’s as simple as that. Whether you take your reference from Mod culture or the musicians of the swinging 60s, they are a unique, fun and slick style to have at your disposal. Men’s Chelsea boots are slim round the ankles so they work really well with skinny fit jeans, narrow chinos and even tailored suits. They’re also surprisingly comfortable so you may find yourself wearing them more often than you thought you would. The’re particularly good shoe for cooler days in spring and autumn.

3. Blogues

The classic men’s brogue with its patterns and holes is a style that remains consistently popular. But did you know that those holes were originally there to help drain water from shoes sodden from the bogs and swamps of Ireland? That’s right, the brogue was once a working shoe! Although today’s brogues are more likely to carry us to and from the office, a link still remains to their soggy past: the greater the broguing (number of holes), the less formal the shoe. Brogues are your go-to smart shoes. They won’t cover the über-relaxed or the über-smart end of the scale, but they’ll do for pretty much everything in between. And some manufacturers are now making these shoes with light foam and cork soles, meaning they’re a great choice for summer months.

4. Low top trainers

These days a pair of low-top trainers is a must have. They’re ideal for days when you’ll be doing a lot of walking and want to be comfortable, but they’re also becoming increasingly smart, and a genuinely viable option now with a suit. When kept well, they provide a great casual look that can still appear smart and stylish, and if you’re not sure what colour to go for, choose white as a classy, solid and safe option. Make sure you look after them well, though, to keep them from looking scuffed and tatty.

Make sure your man owns classic shoes if you want him to slay, they are the base to every classic and slaying man.

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