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Wanyama's Hefty Salary And Multimillion Properties.

Former Tottenham Hotspur player and Kenyan International footballer Victor Wanyama announced yesterday that he will be leaving Montreal Impact Football club which plays in the Major league soccer at the end of the season.Wanyama explained that the main reason why he will be leaving Montreal Impact was because his contract with the club was coming to an end.Today however we want to show you how much money Victor Wanyama is being paid at Montreal Impact Football club and his properties as well.

At Montreal Impact Victor Wanyama was pocketing more than 24 million Kenyan shillings on a monthly basis meaning that by the end of year Victor Wanyama is pocketing 224,550,900 Kenyan shillings.This salary is without any single allowance therefore victor Wanyama gets an additional 33,660,550 Kenyans shillings per month on win bonuses and risk insurance.

Victor Wanyama recently built Wanyama Sports academy in Kakamega county where he is hoping to promote and nuture talents among Kenyans who may not have a place to showcase or make good use of their talents.Last time Wanyama came to Kenya he was seen in Mercedes Benz which is said to have cost him not less than 20 million Kenyan shillings to buy.He also has rental houses in Kenya plus a fleet of vehicles that are doing rounds filling his pockets with money.

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