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Skating As A Sport And As A Hobby

Skating is one activity which requires one to be agile, flexible and athletic, meaning to be physically fit. It can be said that skating is an active sport as well as a hobby. Over the years, Kenyan roads have not been up-to par with the international standard like those experienced in Europe, Asia or America. The big challenge has been resource mobilization and actualization of plans and paper work.

After the promulgation of the Kenyan constitution, there was devolve government which came into place to bring resources close to the Kenyan mwananchi. This saw the actualization of projects and implementation of government manifesto like construction of roads, building of stadiums, Universal health coverage and more projects.

Talking of skating, many youths and children have taken the mantle bravely to build their rapport in this sport and hobby. It is a very new venture in Kenya and East Africa hence the pioneers have a large stake to win from. The main resource is the skateboard and the clear road/way for the athlete.

Moreover different organizations have come up to support this sport by providing quality tools needed in this sport. For example there has been an introduction of a combination of skateboarding and basketball as a sport. I personally witnessed this at Inter-University Games held in Jomo Kenyatta University for Agriculture & Technology.

Athletes have a great future to win from in skating as government have constructed tartan tracks which are superb for this sport. What is needed is moral support for the athletes as Kenya can field candidates in Olympic games in the near future. 

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