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Kenyan Community Hold A Sports Day Event In Perth, Australia.

Kenyans nowadays are almost everywhere around the world. They go in search for greener pastures as most would say so. Majority of them are in the United States of America perusing several careers and opportunities. Just like other parts of the world, you cant miss to hear of a Kalenjin who participates athletics.

Majority of them coming from Rift Valley who have managed to get permanent residence in the US got it through scholarships. They are awarded to the best performing students and those performing exemplary in sports like football and athletics. It was in an amazing day that caught the eyes of many where the Kalenjin organized a sports event

The event was held away in Australia where they had so much fun activities as they came together to socialize. Not only did they socialize but they also played games while others participated in races. It was all fun as several families were present. This was a prove that things can happen also away from home.

That must have made them feel at home, the feeling of being with your loved ones sparks some part of ourselves. Some people who live in Australia posted as they had fun during the sports day known as Kitwek Association Sports and Family fun day. The event was held at the Gerry Archer Athletic Track in Australia.

It looks like the famous long distance and medium races had fun in Australia. Check on the photos above to see how fun it was for them.

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