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See the Craziest Sport in the World

Bike rides and racing is among the most healthy sport and is of great importance to the mind and body metabolism. Bikes being a non pollutant means of transport most people are encouraged to use it and can be used to get rid of traffic jam and noise pollution in towns.

And to promote cycling, a special event, the necked ride is held every year in the US in Philadelphia during the month of September which attracts very large numbers. The event is primarily aimed at promoting self love and health.

This crazy event has sponsors and officials who set rules which is just no clothes and a good working bicycle. The sport also promotes healthy lifestyle of exercise and good eating habits. The necked ride is a big event and some even suggest for it to be put in the Olympics.

The Philly necked bicycle ride this year has been put off due to the pandemic and is likely to take place the coming year. The officials of the game still have come out and urge fans of the game to love their bodies the way they are and to continue riding bicycles especially in the war against pollution.

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