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Countries That Have Been Hit Hard By Covid-19 in Africa

Covid-19 continues to drive the world crazy. Coronavirus emerged from Wuhan City in China in late 2019. Within a short period of time it spread to other countries of the world. African countries are struggling to contain the spread of the disease using all possible means. According Africa's CDC more than 4,206,643 people have been confirmed infected by the virus. Out of these infections more than 112,572 people have succumbed.

South Africa has been hit hard by covid-19. So far the country has reported 1,546,735 cases with 52,788 fatalities. It is closely followed by Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.Top ten countries with the highest number of fatalities in Africa include,

South Africa - 52,788

Egypt - 11,956

Morocco - 8,813

Tunisia - 8,788

Algeria - 3,089

Ethiopia - 2,841

Libya - 2,667

Kenya - 2,153

Sudan - 2,063

Nigeria - 2,056

In my view, all the affected countries should impose strict lockdown restrictions in a bid to contain further spread. Lastly, people should be advised on how to embrace measures and guidelines like sanitizing, washing of hands and social distancing.

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