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Covid19: Check What Coronavirus Has Caused In Japan Ahead Of The Olympics

Japan has announced its third state of emergency after the third wave of coronavirus turned tragic. Positive cases being reported are high and the government sort for a state of emergency. The decision has attracted a lot of reaction from people in the restaurant, tourism and other industries. The state of emergency will cover the the capital, Tokyo and the western prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo.

The emergency, the third of its kind in Japan, is scheduled to run for 17 days effective Sunday 25th. It will encompass the Golden Week holiday period between the end of the month and early May. Many people have given different reactions to the decision of imposing the emergency. ''The emergency will be meaningless unless people's mindsets change,'' said Hana Suzuki in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.

''We had anticipated many tourists with the nice weather, but we'll probably have few customers due to the state of emergency,'' a hotel attendant said. If the country fails to prevent further spread of the virus, there is a likelihood of it affecting the Tokyo Olympics that were scheduled for this summer. Don't forget to follow my page so that you can be notified when new articles have been published.

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