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The Agony And Shuttered Dreams Of Hailing App Taxi Drivers

The invention of technology is here with us and it will continue to involve for a longtime to come across the world. It started in the developed world but it has caught up with the rest of the world very fast and it has been embraced in every sector of the economy.

One of the many sectors which has embraced the emerging technology is the transport industry in most of its operations. The systems of fleet management for efficiency are in place especially with heavy commercial vehicles. E-ticketing and speed governors are some of the positive developments brought about by technology in the industry.

In the world for many years there has been a category of transport dominated by both ordinary and elegant sedans,commonly known as the taxis providing transport to individuals within and around the cities of the world.

Kenya also has had a well developed taxi operations mostly in the big cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and the other growing towns across all the counties.

In 2015,Uber one of the leading Hailing app taxi operator launched its operations in Kenya, starting in Nairobi before it expanded to Mombasa and Kisumu.

Uber is an American company based in Sanfrancisco California and founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick to provide affordable and convenient travel.

When uber launched in Nairobi six years ago, it faced resistance from the conventional yellow line taxi operators due to its low rates in the market. Some of the pioneer app drivers had their cars damaged but later it was realized by the industry players that innovation and technology is part of the modern world.

In 2016, Bolt also launched,followed by Little Cabs and other local players such as wasili, in Nakuru and Dango in Kisumu.

The apps have brought convenience with seamless ordering through smartphones and the possibility of riders getting picked from their doorsteps.

The biggest challenge in this celebrated sector is the Agony,struggle and Shuttered dreams of investors and drivers. The returns on investment in this venture is very low leading to most investors unable to service loans owed to financiers.

The other difficult drivers endure on daily basis is the leeway riders are given by the app owners to rate them.In some occasions drivers are negatively rated out of malice, leading to drastic punishments such as being suspended for weeks.

In the business world, any convenient and reliable service is priced slightly higher than the normal services. In the banking sector there are specific prestige centres and clients pay more for the conveniences.

Its only in this sector that convenient and reliable services are lowly paid for.One can easily note that most of riders are the former users of tuk tuk who got elevated to enjoy the conveniences offered by the taxis.

This Hailing taxi industry falls under the ministries of transport and ICT but the young struggling Kenyan drivers have been left to be exploited by the industry players who operate on their own rules.

Recently a court in the UK gave a ruling requiring the sector to recognize Hailing taxi drivers as their employees.

The Kenyan ministry of labour and other institutions should take a cue from the UK's court pronouncement,to enact laws which create a win-win working environment in Kenya.

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