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The worst football disaster that ended more than 300 lives of football fans

It's not easy to mitigate disasters that happen in football stadiums because there are many causes and most of them happen accidentally There is a long list of heartbreaking incidents that have happened in football stadiums but in this article we look at the worst incident where more than 300 people lost their lives.

The disaster happened in Peru 1964, during a qualification match between the Peruvians and Argentina. During the match Argentina was ahead with one goal (1-0), at the 84th minute Peru scored an equalizing goal that was disqualified by the referee officiating the match.

Home fans were furious of the decision made by the referee, they invaded the pitch to confront him. Police officers on the site reiterated by firing tear gas causing people to run towards the exits and in the process out of the 53000 fans in attendance more than 300 of them were crushed to death. This tragic event remains the worst disaster that has happened in football.

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