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How football clubs make money.

If have ever wondered how football clubs earn millions and are able to pay their players such extravagant fees while still making a profit? Well you are in the right place, here is a list of the numerous ways in which football clubs earn money.

1. The most obvious way that football clubs make money is through match day sales. This including selling out the tickets of the game and we know the more interesting the game, the more expensive the tickets. You will also have to pay for the toilets and snacks at the stadium and merchandise such as burners to support your team, all these bring in revenue for the team.

2. Another money maker for the clubs is selling the right to air the game to specific tv networks and sites. Media outlets don't just air matches for free, they pay sums upto millions for some games and clubs earn big from this payments.

3. Jersey sales, you will be surprised at how much money clubs earn from the sale of football jerseys. For big players like Christiano Ronaldo, the sale of his Jerseys make enough money to pay his salary. And even the less popular players have fans willing to pay for their jerseys.

4. Prize money, winning a tournament doesn't just come with a trophy and bragging rights. It also brings in large sums of money.

5. Player transfer, we all probably knew about this, but here it is again, clubs make substantial amount of money from selling their best players.he

6. Endorsement, In a world where brands are constantly competing to get Infront of as money people as possible, what better way to make money than advertising brands. This is what football clubs do. They get donations and endorsement from companies like coca-cola and in exchange endorse the brands.

7. Renting out stadiums, when a club invests millions on a football stadium, it's because that money will definitely come back when they rent it out for other events.

Let us know in the comments the revenue earners that we have failed to mention.

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