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Here is what you need to know about WWE

World Wide Entertainment (WWE) is one of the big entertainment companies in the world having ganered around eihgty one million subscribers just on YouTube. The company has produced some of the greatest legends the likes of John Cana and others who have branded their names just from fighting.

But as we getting glued on our screens enjoying this game here is what you need to know about wrestling. From Smack Down to Monday night raw and other competitive brands of WWE are usually stage managed. Just like movies are acted, the same happens inside the ring the only difference is that in WWE the contentors act infront of the live audience.

Before each fight the scripts are written based on the storyline that can pull more fans. Wrestlers themselves are good actors in terms of frustrating each other when it comes in the ring, but in real life they're good friends. This will tell you what they do is just a job that they got to be paid at the end.

The blood that sometimes you see coming from faces is unintentional and the wrestler is taken care of by the medical team after the game. So to the fans who watch the game don't do this at home as the moves are performed by experts who have trained hard for it, and if it goes wrong it may lead to serious injuries or even death.

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