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FIFA World Cup

Eight Countries Which CANNOT Feature in the World cup.

Soccer is the leading popular sport in the world. Played and leading in over 200 states the sport is considered leading in fanbase. However as the world joins hands in Qatar for the world cup, there is a group of eight countries which cannot feature in the prestigious contest. These are countries not recognized by world football body FIFA.

These countries include:

Monaco which has a total population of 38,682 and an area of just over 2 kilometres squared. This country despite having an active club with several titles do not have a national team.


found within Rome they are not recognized by FIFA and cannot compete to feature in world cup.


Found within the great Oceania this small country do not embrace footaball as a game and hence do not have any relations with FIFA.

Marshall Islands

Also within the Oceania the country can't have big targets and lack basis on sports.


Despite being formed in the late 70s, the country is not approved by FIFA.


Created in 1998, the country lack a national team which can be on record to be involved in the contest to feature in world cup.


The small island embrace football but their team isn't part of FIFA.


Started in 2005 the country is yet to approach FIFA for inclusion.

These eight countries lack the proper apparatus to either accommodate football or has never made efforts to reach FIFA for inclusion.

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