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Reasons Why our National Team, Harambee Stars is likely to lose more Matches

Our National team lost,we can't blame Nick.We can't blame the new coach,it takes some time to build a team around basing on some philosophy.I'm following with amusement the kind of conversation that Kenyans are having here and my opinion is we are getting emotional with the current situation.

Once upon a time an American President said,'Don't ask what the country can do for you but rather what have you done for the country',I don't think its the federations problem alone..Even coaches,have played a role in having the standards to where they are.How many coaches have the patience to nurture budding players so we have finished and accomplished players that can compete?A coach is like a teacher,you spend more time in class with the students to get the best out of them,but we want ready products but we don't have the patience..My take is as coaches,let's take more time with our players and get the basics right,then we can move forward.Christ said,get rid of the log in your eye before removing the log in your brother's eye..let's do self reflection as a community of coaches and then once we start churning good players,things will fall in you me on this.

Let's ask ourselves, Are we able to provide guidance from the grassroots upwards as coaches? Do we command the respect and following to be able to speak and give views? If not, why?

Kenyan coaches have accepted to be disrespected right from grassroots level but want to be respected at national level. They have accepted to be divided and ruled in a sense that if any one of them is mistreated, nobody cares. That's where we have to start from. School coaches have not been paid because school games are not there, nobody talks. A local coach loses his job, another one takes over, we keep quiet.

Our coaches simply need to honour the contractual obligation. Though honestly, they are the one to blame and not t Nick Mwendwa or our president Uhuru . Few days ago, a top club here wanted to buy off a senior coach's contract. The clubs agreed on compensation but at last, the coach declined. This was after he did a proper assessment of where he was and where he was going.

The senior stakeholders who can give guidance have gone mute. The most influential youthful stakeholders who can take things head on are striving to be bootlickers to worship football administrators mediocrity. This administrators are not gods. Coaches are suffering because of this people unless you are not a coach you are an administrator you will continue castigating a coach pointing finger to administrators. Any bold coach supporting these rogue administrators here to answer this. WHICH TEAM IN KENYA CAN GIVE A COACH TIME TO COME UP WITH HIS/HER MODEL ?

I believe their is a way we can still pass the message of discontentment without being political. We can voice concerns objectively and seek for clarification or solutions in a way that's understood.Coaches should never loose hope because innocent talented boy/girl is looking up to them.

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