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Is Word Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) a reality or ‘fake’ film?

People have lived decades watching wrestling on televisions, but little did they what happens behind the scenes. For instance, the wrestlers beat each other over the head with folding chairs, diving over raised poles, and other extreme bloody moments or even death.

Wrestling is borne from ‘catch wrestling’, which involves combat sport combining elements of Greco-Roman and European grappling. The film involves rigging elements of the competition to create stars and build anticipation for matches.

Wrestling is not ‘fake’, but rather is a scripted film that has spent over 100 years in extending the illusion of legitimate competition. Sometimes it might go in a Broadway, in that the wrestlers may be separated from staying or travelling together.

In the today’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), it is evidenced that its wrestlers are performers engaging in storylines. However, sometimes the deception dies hard making the wrestling suffer from stigma of its sporting presence. This stigma is only surpassed by accepting its theoretical reality.

The best name to describe WWE is fiction entertainment and not ‘fake’. The performers do jump over wuthering heights under controlled landing to minimize injury. The physicality of the wrestling is real and events are staged.

All stunt performers execute feats of athleticism, they fly and collide with each other and the floor, while maintaining their characters. On the other hand, wrestlers perform in one take, before the live audience. The whole part of wrestling occurs under complex choreography and improvisation. The performers feed each other together with the crowd to create the unique art of entertainment.

The performers do get hurt, but all measures are put in place to minimize injury though sometimes it’s inevitable. All this happens to feed the audience with drama, intrigue, comedy and violence making the whole thing a sporting context.

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