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"I am innocent", Kenya's 100M sprinter Mark Otieno claims

Kenyan sprinter Mark Otieno has been unofficially banned from participating in olympics games. He was to participate in today's afternoon 100 meters competition. Unfortunately, he has withdrawn from the competitions.

On the other side, Kenyans ministry of spots confirmed to have received the provisional results of Mark Otieno's sample containing methasterone, the banned substance in his urine sample.

However, the athlete appealed for the provisional results. He claimed he is innocent and he further calls for his sample B urine to be tested. Equally, he purpoted that testing instruments might be contaminated thus giving wrong results on his samples.

Similarly, Mark Otieno's mother asserts that his son like eating natural foods such as Ugali and fish. Mrs, Adelite shikanga claimed that his son is innocent and he has been a good boy to her.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for official and final results to be announced later. The results that will will build or destroy the image of Kenyan athletes Equally, if he will be found positive of having anabolic steroids in his body, that will destroy his career and possibly will be banned from participating in olympics.

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