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Dial Or WhatsApp This Numbers If Your Child Has Been Abused Online, Physically Or Emotionally

Online Child Abuse has become so rampant and it's so sad because it can make your child to be depressed or to have a low self-esteem. Safaricom Network in Kenya has a come up with a way to curb this abuse. They have partnered with an organization that protects women and children, UNICEF Kenya.

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Safaricom with UNICEF have come up with a number where you can report online child abuse or any other child abuse. Online child abuse can be considered as impersonating someone or spreading rumours about someone.

Also it can be sending or posting embarrassing photos, videos, news or comments about someone. Common abuse in Kenya in Children are physical, sexual, emotional abuses. Also Female Genital Mutilation are all considered as child abuse.

If your child has been abused Online by strangers, call 116 which is a dial number and you will be assisted. Also you can WhatsApp the sad incident through +254722116116 number. Reporting incident through this numbers are absolutely free, they don't cost anything. Let's stop child abuse and keep our children safe.

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