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How My Aunt Lost Ksh 2500 to A Man Who Claimed To Be Her High School Son Doing CAT Exams

Incidences of people losing money to con men and women have been on the rise recently.

Last Evening My Aunt Who goes by the name Jane (Not real name) lost ksh 2,500 to a man who claimed to be her high school son who was in form 3.

Jane had recieved a text meassage informing her that her son's calculator had a problem and she required her to send Ksh 1650/- to his school teacher known as Mr Richard so that he purchases the calculator on behalf of him.

The message had the format as shown below;

"Hey Mum calculator yangu haifsnyi kazi tuna mtihani wa C.A.T tumia mwalimu Richard 1650 kwa hii number aninunulie asante"

My Aunt got worried and since she didn't want her son to miss exams due to an issue to do with his calculator, she immediately sent the money to "Mr Richard". She sent 2500 so that her son also get extra money for pocket money.

After a successful transaction, Jane called Mr Richard To confirm that He has recieved the money. Unfortunately Mr Richard's phone was off. She tried texting him informing him about the extra money but he did not respond.

This morning she texted me asking me to call Mr Richard to ask him whether he had recieved the money. She forwarded me the text above text message that Had Richard's phone number and I immediately noticed that my poor aunt was conned.

I called her informing her to inform safaricom to initiate a reversal proces before 24 hours lapses.

She is still waiting patiently for a successful reversal.

I just hope that she gets back her money in full.

Kindly if you are a parent and happen to get such a message, kindly make a call immediately and report the number if you suspect it could be conmen.

Take care🙏.

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