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New Details Emerge Hinting On What Might Have Caused Fire That Burnt Down Ofafa Jericho Boys

It has now emerged that Ofafa Jericho secondary school could have been torched down by a students who were forced to attend their evening studies, according to an OB report seen by a local daily it revealed that there was a group of students who had refused to go to class after their evening meals, this forced one of the teachers to flush them out from their dormitories, when they reached in their classroom one of those who were chased came back and torched one of the cubes which houses 20 students, the young man could have thought that the fire was not to torch down the entire dormitory but was meant for a wake up call only for it to raze down the entire dormitory.

The school was reported burning yester night with every media house covering the whole incident by midnight last evening 50 students were reported injured with others being burnt with minor injuries, apart from torching the building down the fire burnt property worth of millions, staff and other students had to gang up in order to control the spread of fire, this morning it has been confirmed that those who were injured got small bruises but there is no student who was injured.

However in a span of two weeks four schools have been torched down by students who disagreed with their teachers, this trend has started worrying education officials, already investigations have started to single out the student who was responsible for torching the school dormitories. 

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