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When The Deal Is Too Good Think Twice, What A Driver Did To Passengers In Kayole

Nairobi city is well known for misleading many, especially those new in the city.Many say it's not a fair city due to the tricks many use to survive.

We meet a certain man recognizing himself as a driver.At a certain stage,he finds a fellow driver and conductor trying to find passengers for their unfilled vehicle.

Acting wise,the man uses a different route from the one the conductor is bringing in passengers.He approaches the customers from the windows telling them to follow them to his vehicle for transportation on a cheaper price."Fare mnalipishwa how much?Mia,ai hiyo ni mob,chukeni niwalipishe 30,"he tells the customers.

The customers exits the vehicle they had body after conviction of paying less fare.The conductor is also attracted by the offer of receiving 5,000 per day and leaves his former boss without an explanation.

The man walks them to the direction he claims to have packed his matatu.On arrival they are all astonished finding a broken Matatu.They ask an explanation from the so called driver who seems unbothered.

They decide to beat him up and teach him a lesson but a certain lady intervenes telling them the man is mentally ill and that he always brings people to his parked vehicle.

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Kayole Nairobi


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